Pepa Ivanova

Pepa Ivanova is a visual artist and performer, questioning the visual abilities of our perceptions. Light, sound, and form drive her towards exploring the position of an artwork in relation to our space-architecture realm. Pepa's works are variable, from interactive light installations, sculptures to video and performance. Her current interest lies in interactive technologies, site-specific interventions, electronics, exploring new media and collaboration.

Besides her individual art practice, she participated in collective projects and actions, such as bolwerk, Antwerp initiatives since 2010; she created a stage and sound design for two editions of Canti D'amour youth opera for Muziektheater Transparant at deSingel, Antwerp in 2013 and 2014. Pepa was a mentoree at TOUCH, London in 2013 and since then develop a strong interest in soundscapes compositions and develop her own composition tool. Since 2015 she works with light conditions and currently solar observations. In a collaborative research with the Royal Observatory of Belgium, she works on autopoietic of data; phenomenology of the observed phenomena; and the symbiotic correlation between the Sun and the Earth observed patterns. Pepa is a Laureate from Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Ghent 2016 - 2017 and was a researcher and guest lecturer at the Royal Academy of Antwerp in 2017.