Pepa Ivanova


Leonardo Grant for mobility – mentorship at Touch sound project, London, UK - mentored by Mike Harding, Touch, London and Kris Vleeschouwer, LUCA, Sint-Lukas, Brussels 

Mark Macken price for sculpture - laureate, Antwerp – January 29th - February 11th 

Mark Macken price for sculpture - laureate, Antwerp
Price Theodoor Van Lerius – for sculpture – Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp 

“Very diverse and highly developed multi-sensorial multi-disciplinary artistic practice based on excellent knowledge of science, sound recording, digital design and processing, data visualisation. Intangible light, sun and sound are collected through field recording or various methods of data sharing are turned into different physical, visual, or oral art forms. Each output has a poetic resonance and adapted technology and manifestation. Urban or rural interventions are at the core of this observational practise filled with stories and soundscapes, wonderment and precision. Abstractions, knowledge and facts are transformed into experience.” 
Caroline Hancock, 2017