Natalie Sandtorv (NO)

Voice and electronics

Exploring different ways to use and corrupt the voice, and combining it with electronics.The music is freely improvised. Sometimes with focus on a drone landscape, noise, or just the voice in it self. Natalie has a background from different jazz and improv studies in Norway, and has toured Europe and Japan with The Jist, Not On The Guest List, among others.Currently she is living in Berlin, and Firenze where she has been given an Artist in Residence from
Tekstforfatterfondet in Norway.

She is releasing her first solo album in 2015 on the label Va Fongool. The music is produced and mixed by John Hegre (Jazkamer). And with a collaboration with the artist Marnie Weber (did cover art for Sonic Youth), Marnie has made the cover art for Pieces of Solitude.


«While at times Natalie reminds me of a female and more supple Phil Minton, neither she nor Torgeir confine themselves to the restrictive precepts of "classic improvisation", and seem just as happy exploring greasy and metallic noise episodes, or even a form of angst-ridden post No Wave rock music.»
-Ed Pinsent

«Sandtrov, in a commanding vocal attitude that owes much to Endresen but also to Maja S. Ratkje recites,whispers, moans and shouts imaginary wild, often horrific, tales, but with a playful sense of drama, even with bursts of weird sensuality and dark humor, as the titles of the pieces suggest.»
-Eyal Hareuveni / All About Jazz


Natalie Sandtorv