Benjamin Jantzen (DE)

visual artist

alias Benjamin Jantzen has worked for 10 years as a media artist and VJ. He initiated the B-Seite, a festival of visual art and nowculture. In 2009 he founded together with Vj R: A: U: L "", a creative agency for
light art and new media. His unmistakable visual outpourings ooded the greater part of Germany and did not stop at borders. On screens were those during the previous year Festis Istanbul at the Dogzstar, at Avit Kezmarok (Slovakia), the Visual Berlin Festival in Berlin, the Timewarp in Mannheim, the urban art form in Vienna, Loft Club in Ludwigshafen, the legendary Rocker 33 in Stuttgart, the Disco Zwei to only to name a few.

He performed alongside the likes of electronic music like: Stephan Bodzin, Paul and Fritz Kalkbrenner, Monika Kruse, Aural Float, Andre Galluzzi, Nick Curly and many others. His style developed over the years Pixelschubser steadily until he was suddenly hanging on for his distinctive style of the color magenta which in the meantime lost the blue. He combines sound reactive minimal black and white
graphics, 3D animations and Quartz Composer Patches. In completely different performances, he always comes inevitably required new practices, different technical requirements and often on a very selective audience. In this
way he changes his visual ductus compared to painting or sculpture almost constantly. Or never?


Benjamin Jantzen