Smaranda Gabudeanu (RO)

performance artist

Smaranda Gabudeanu graduated The University of Theatre and Cinematography from Bucharest, Master Puppet department in 2007. Since then she has worked at various puppet performances and installations for museums and galleries, theatre shows (held both on classical stages and unconventional venues), and improvisation theatre.

In the last years she took a great interest in both contemporary dance and performance art and participated and initiated several performances in places like The National Library, National Museum of Music. She found interesting the collaboration with Irinel Anghel (an all round artist with a composer background) both in her performance art happenings and in E-motional: rethinking dance programme of residencies ArtistNe(s)t. In 2014 she created, together with Cristina Lilienfield, "They're Not All Heroes" a contemporary dance performance based on their family roots, presented at the National Dance Centre (CNDB) and Temps D'Images Festival.

She currently works with visual artist Dilmana Yordanova on a show that combines contemporary dance with interactive technology in an attempt to generate an organic fusion between the two, director Radu Dragomirescu on a sketch-comedy-theatre-show (type of theatre show with the script created by the actors, through improvisation), and choreographer Mihaela Dancs on a new CNDB production.

She attended workshops and classes held by actors and directors and also by choreographers like Sybrig Dokter, Martin Sonderkamp, Florin Fieroiu, Cosmin Manolescu, Zan Yamashita, Mădălina Dan, Cyrus Khambata, Catrina Choate, Bernt Knappe and dramaturges Mila Pavičevid, Angela Vadory.
Smaranda is the founder of PETEC, a cultural NGO aiming to facilitate the collaboration between freelance artists and cultural institutions.