Sorin Paun (RO)

composer/ sound designer

started to experiment with field recordings and sound design in 2005. He graduated the Bucharest National University of Arts in 2007 with the project "The Moon" which combined his paintings and drawings of the Moon with over 60 mintes of sound that later was released on limited edition CDs – 2 copies are now in the The Ersta Konsthall Sound Archive from Sweden, part of the "Art Is Not Mute " collection. This was the starting point of multiple aliases that he later created to explore different genres as a DJ, Producer, Remixer & Graphic Designer. His tracks and remixes appeared on various labels and netlabels (Crazy Language, BrainstormLab, High Grade Media, Ghost Technology, Battery Park Studio and more), has published customized DJ mixes for Crazy Language, Militant Science, Section 27 Netlabel and has been featured on several worldwide radio broadcasts and podcasts. Collaborations with videortists like Vicetto (Spain), Carlsson (Germany) and Videotroopers (Netherland) resulted in audio-video works displayed at Pause Fest and Simultan Festival.

His current active aliases include: Randomform for his IDM/Experimental adventures, Datacrashrobot – Electro/Glitch experiments, Wirewound explores hard edged Electro/Breakbeat and Separation Device for twisted Drum'n'Bass with IDM influences and dark atmospheres.

"Displaying extraterrestrial diversions, microscopic attention to detail and oblique movements, a peculiar vision of future worlds unveils itself, if somewhat subliminally. Darkened by fractured beats and moody digital-signal-processing, Randomform releases a swarm of insects flying over the radar of experimental electronics." []


sorin paun