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Verein zur interkulturellen Förderung der Klang- und Lichtkunst:
Prof. Fried Dähn
Thomas Maos
Martin Mangold
Stefan Hartmaier

CAMP catalogue 

Our CAMP catalogue 1999 - 2015 - inluding all artists, beautiful photographs and great essays from Jörg Scheller and Horea Avram; 52 pages, in german and english language, softcover / 10,- euro + 4,- euro shipping charges. order:

Visual Music Award 2017

10 years of Visual Music Award - we are looking forward to your participation!

Visual Music Award 2017 (works)
The Visual Music Award (VMA) is a creative competition for visualisations of music and sound, audiovisual works and musical animations. Visuals are composed based on music and submitted as one unique synaesthetic piece of art. The music genre ranges from classical music to hiphop, electro, minimal and many more. Thereby eye music is created - "you can see the music and hear the visuals".

Visual Music Live Contest 2017 (live documentation)
The Visual Music Live Contest (VMLC) is for "live & interactive" works based on music. In this category, not the works themselves but their documentations (without post production effects) are submitted - from live performances, VJ-ing, interactive applications (apps & sound-image generators) to installations in the area of space - light – image and sound.

Special price 2017
Works are nominated in a special category if they are created close to the traditional idea of visual music - "in the spirit of Oskar Fischinger".

Online submission:
Submission deadline: April 25th 2017!