CAMP-Festival 2020 | Jonathan König

Jonathan König

Jonathan 'Jonny' König was born in 1988 in Southern Germany. His first performance on drums was at a birthday-party on the front porch with a fancy wig on his head at the age of 8. Well…his parents loved it!

When Jonny started his first Rockband at the age of 12 he'd steal his sister's guitar and start writing his first songs. Classics were born with contemporary lyrics like 'So let's go, we burn the f!%&$ng school down!'. Well…his friends loved it!

Today Jonny lives and works as a musician in Mannheim. He is known as a drummer, composer and producer. His first full length solo-album „DEEP SPACE TRANSPORT“ (2021) creates percussive pieces of atmospheric force. A soundscape of alienated rhythms, ominous noises and cinematic depth make the tracks feel like the soundtrack of a dystopian science-fiction movie - combining vibrating tension and deceptive calm.