This year, the festival will for the first time be accompanied by an exhibition. The various exhibits will reflect the interplay between music, sound art, performance, dance, and visual music over the 20-year history of the CAMP festival.

Stefan Hartmaier and Martin Mangold’s exhibition design and architecture are a response to the festival’s creative potential and translate this into out-of-the-ordinary forms of presentation. The participating artists integrate the exhibits into their performances: As a result, looking back on the past becomes perception of the present, giving the anniversary festival a totally new format. Parts of the technical exhibition media and the exhibition architecture provide the framework for the performances of the CAMP anniversary event.

Participating artists:

Ana Hušman | Mia Makela | Ursula Scherrer | Claudia Robles-Angel | Kasumi | Natalie Santorv | António Jorge Gonçalves | Malte Lück | Jörg Scheller | Friedrich Förster & Sabine Weißinger | Volker Illi | Vitor Joaquim | Stanislav Genadiev & Violeta Vitanova

Saturday July 31 – Saturday August 7


Eine Ausstellung zu 20 Jahren CAMP-Festival
im Kunstverein Wagenhalle Stuttgart

Vernissage:  Saturday August 1 | 7 p.m. Kunstverein Wagenhalle

Exhibition open daily from 6 - 8 pm I free entrance