CAMP Festival will participate in the «Salon Suisse» the event programme accompanying the Swiss participation at the 55th International Art Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia. «Salon Suisse» is initiated by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.

Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi
Campo S.Agnese-Dorsoduro 810, I-30123 Venezia

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Thursday, June 13, 7p.m.Salon Suisse – New Aesthetics and Research
Go with the Flow or: Digital Fluxus. The CAMP Festival for Visual Music

The Salon Suisse is pleased to host the CAMP Festival for Visual Music, founded in 1999 in Germany by Fried Dähn and Thomas Maos. CAMP is a unique forum and interactive laboratory for sound artists, media artists, VJs and musicians. The nomadic festival takes place in cities throughout Europe and features experimental and electronic music in dialogue with visual art, mostly in the form of projections and installations. For several days, a group of artists, who belong to the international avant-garde in their field, collaborate on audio-visual projects and present them to the public in a final performance. In the spirit of the Fluxus movement, all works are developed from scratch, on the spot. The concept of CAMP mirrors our hybrid digital era in which improvisation is paramount and in which genres, media, techniques and affiliations are more intertwined than ever before. The event will be accompanied by a panel discussion with Fried Dähn, Thomas Maos and Jörg Scheller.

Claudia Robles-Angel
is a Colombian worldwide renowned audiovisual artist who lives and works in Cologne, Germany. Her work has been presented in festivals and exhibitions around the globe - a.o. at ZKM Karlsruhe, Enter3 Prague, ICMC Montreal, SIGGRAPH Asia and NYCMF NewYork. She was artist-in-residence at ZKM centre and KHM cologne.


Maria Fernandez | Rodolfo Lillo

Collective for experimental visual creation founded in 2008 in Gijón – Spain with the objective to explore new techniques in visual expression. The results are based on exploration and experimentation with new visual aesthetics while maximizing simplicity and conceptual abstraction to create visual textures that evolve metaphors at different levels. They are also the creators of Trendelenburg an international encounter for visual art and new media that is in its 4th year.,

Fried Dähn
the cellist, sound-artist and composer is working in classical, contemporary and electronic music as well as in media and video arts. He started his career as electric cellist in the fields of experimental music and art rock. Since 2004 he owns a professorship for audio design and sound arts at the University for Applied Sciences in Schwäbisch Hall and from 2014 he is leading the department of popular music and sound arts at Munich Institute of Media and Musical Arts.


Thomas Maos
the guitarist, sound-artist and composer with half cypriote, half german provenance is working as an interdisciplinary artist with musicians, actors, visual artists and dancers. The founder of the CAMP festival is awarded with two scholarships. He is releasing experimental guitar albums and composing music for plays. Since 1990 Thomas Maos is teaching guitar.,

Visual Music.
Experimental and Electronic Music.
Live Visuals. Sound Art and New Media.


Claudia Robles-Angel
Maria Fernandez
Rodolfo Lillo
Fried Dähn
Thomas Maos



16. - 22. September 2013
CAMP in Cluj | Romania