CAMP '12
6.-11. August
Kunstverein Stuttgart

10. und 11. August, 21 Uhr

Proben, Workshops, Forschung: 6.-9. August


10. August, 19 Uhr

u. ausgewählte Filme / selected films u.a.' plan of the city' von Joshua Frankel
Samstag 17 Uhr - 19 Uhr

Eintritt: 12€, erm. 8€ -
nur Abendkasse

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CAMP 2012 international festival for visual music
6. - 11. August Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart,
Schlossplatz 2

Dates: August 6 - 11. August
Planning: CAMP e.V.
Artistic direction: Prof. Friedemann Dähn, Thomas Maos
Hosts: Kulturamt Stuttgart, CAMP e.V.
Location: Würtembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart

The CAMP Festival was founded in 1999 by Prof. Fried Dähn and Thomas Maos. Since 2003, it has been organized and run and coordinated by CAMP e.V. (Thomas Maos, Fried Dähn, Stefan Hartmaier, and Martin Mangold) .


The international CAMP (Creative Arts and Music Project) festival is an innovative platform and interactive research lab for sound artists, musicians, and artists in the areas of video, installation, projection and new media. It focuses on new, experimental music in conjunction with light, projection and media art. In what is effectively a laboratory created for a defined period, artists – all of them recognized members of the international avant garde in their respective fields – collaborate for several days on new forms of audio-visual art, presentation techniques and live performances. The results are showcased to the public in concerts, installations, and performances held alongside the event. Moreover, various topics and aspects are presented and developed in accompanying lectures and workshops.

Each festival is staged at a different location, with a new team of international artists. The unfamiliar spaces, the associated creative criteria, and collaboration with new artists pose challenges that unlock vast creative potential and foster intensive international dialogue.


The development of new forms of artistic presentation in sound and light art, in the context of contemporary and forward-looking creative approaches. International dialogue and collaboration between artists from different backgrounds, with a catalytic effect at both a personal and cultural level.



Topics, issues, and results are processed and presented in lectures and workshops. The artists' work is documented and analyzed. The text, images, and video documentation of rehearsals provide a wealth of material, which is made available to the project partners and to interested external parties.

Camp 1999: Tübingen (Germany)
Camp 2003: Kirchentellinsfurt (Germany)
Camp 2005/1: Stuttgart (Germany)
Camp 2005/2: Montemor-o-Novo (Portugal)
Camp 2007: Stuttgart (Germany)
Camp 2009: Stuttgart (Germany)
Camp 2010: Karlsruhe (Germany)
Camp 2011: Zagreb (Croatia) and Karlsruhe

Camp e.V.: Prof. Fried Dähn, Thomas Maos, Martin Mangold, Stefan Hartmaier

CAMP Festival 2012 in Stuttgart

CAMP is not tied to one specific location. The festival concept centers on the idea of tackling new challenges at new venues with new teams of artists – and on creating temporary audio-visual works tailored to the particular space. In Portugal in 2005, German and Portuguese artists got together at the invitation of Rui Horta in a former Benedictine monastery in Montemor-o-Novo. In 2010, 12 international artists will meet in Karlsruhe to develop audio-visual projects and installations at the University of Arts and Design. Throughout the work phase, these projects and installations will be accompanied by lectures and workshops. And at the end of the week, the results will be presented to the public and documented.



CAMP 2013 at Fabrica Pensula / Cluj / Romania by the invitation of the ministry of science, research and culture Baden - Würtemberg, germany



Development of new forms of audiovisual art. Research. Cooperation and communication. Intercultural and intermedial exchange between artists.