CAMP-Festival 2011 part II
sept 20 - 24 at Karlsruhe
University of Arts and Design




sept 23 and 24 at 9 pm
workshops sept 20 - 22
lectures visual music
sept 22 at 11 am

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CAMP 2011 international festival for visual music part II
sept 20 - 24 at Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karlsruhe
in cooperation with ZKM

Visual Music.
Experimental and electronic music and visuals.
New media.

The international Festival CAMP (Creative Arts and Music Project) is an innovative forum and interactive laboratory for soundartists, musicians and artists dealing with video, installation, projections and the new media. It is characteristically marked by experimental and electronic music in convergence with visual disciplines. For several days a selected group of artists, who belong to the international avantgarde in their field, work in a “laboratory of time” on audio – visual projects which will be presented to the public at the final performances.

Antun Božičević (HR) Fried Dähn (DE) haegar (DE) Axel Hanfreich (DE) Max Hattler (DE) Ana Hušman (HR) Damir Bartol Indoš (HR) Jörg Kallinich (DE) Josef Klammer (A) Mark Lorenz Kysela (DE) Ivan Marušić Klif (HR) Thomas Maos (DE) Martina Mezak (HR) Davor Sanvincenti (HR) Kurt Laurenz Theinert (DE) Sandi Strmljan (SL)
Student Resident: Karolina Serafin (DE) ,Thorsten Schwanninger (DE)

CAMP 2011 Documentary


CAMP-Artikel im Abschlussdossier der Journalistenakademie

DIE ZEIT, 28.4.2011
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