Emilian Gatsov

Emilian Gatsov is a Sofia based composer working mostly in the field of soundtrack for theater, dance and film. He's done more than 80 soundtracks in various contexts, including institutional theaters, informal groups and individual artists, bringing eclecticism and influences from one field to another. He is 5 times nominee for theatre music awards and a winner of the Icarus award of the Union of Bulgarian Actors in 2006. Emilian has been a regular participant in the Night Ambient Festival in the Sofia Movie House, bringing together silent movies and live experimental music. Between 2007 and 2014 he improvised live with contemporary artist Ivo Dimchev in his Concerto show, performing in 12 countries.

He also worked for several radio theatre projects in the Bulgarian National Radio and composed the entire “headphone soundscapes” for two performances of the Germany-based group Ligna - “Secret Radio” and “Rausch und Zorn. Studien zum autoritären Charakter”. Emilian Gatsov leads a workshop called “Emotional snapshots”, first presented at the International Symposium for Electronic Arts – Istanbul, 2011, treating the topic of working with loops and samples as memory fragments and emotion containers. He is interested in translating structures from one field to another, including visual, gestural and a special focus on scent and perfume. Throughout all his career Emilian's main concern has been how music interacts or shapes other channels of comunication.