Foto: © Elisa D'Errico

A-li-ce, born in Dunkerque (FR) in 1981, lives and works in Berlin. Graduated from École Supérieure de l’image (Poitiers, FR) and EHESS University (Paris, FR), she works as a video artist and a VJ since 2005. She played in many audiovisual festivals (Mapping Festival (CH), Mira Festival (ES), RoBOt Festival (IT), Vision’R (FR), etc.), with solo and collective projects. Additionally, she works as a video designer for theatre and teaches performative media arts in different institutions and universities. She is also part of Kasseler Dokfest Film Festival curators’ team in the audiovisual live section since 2014, and of Scope Sessions in Berlin.

A part of her artistic research deals with identities and memory questions, which leaded her to collaborate with different Archives Centers, including the creation of the live cinema performance Intruders with the german music composer Swub and Borderland Remix (Deutsches historisches Museum, Berlin, 2014). Another part of her work, freely inspired by Alice in Wonderland, is based on colorful psychedelic creatures evolving in magic and absurd landscapes. She started notably in 2010 the mixed-medias work in progress Fucking Wonderland (4 music videos, 1 live video set, 18 drawings), which was then exhibited in Kyoto at the national Manga Museum in spring 2014. Between these two worlds, she uses different techniques, from real video footages to handmade drawings, bringing the audience from wonderful lands to darker realities.

She works at the moment on a new audiovisual piece, Lila, in collaboration with 8 musicians, and as a VJ on the live audiovisual shows of the music composers Robot Koch (DE) and Rag & Bones (FR).