Tuna Pase TR & ESP

Tuna Pase is a music lover, whose real musical journey began when she heard the timbre of the flute in the orchestra pit for the first time. Her areas of interest are; electro-acoustic composition, free improvisation, sound design, sound art, song writing and ethnomusicology. Her music is inspired from her dreams, her longing for nature, poetry and visuals. She plays electronics, flute and sings. She performs her music solo and also collaborates with others in an improvised manner, where she composes live, using the elements that build her music from scratch.

She performs in concerts and festivals, and participates in projects in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. She collaborates with other free improvisers, visual artists and dancers from many different countries.

Her solo albums are; “Discotheque Sounds From The Cemetery” which includes electro-acoustic compositions, “Under the Tree” and “Night Music” which she names the genre as electro-acoustic pop. She also has live improvisation albums with her band partners which are, “Hazy Stars”, “Oscillation 00-12-00”, “Rain Harvest” and “Pase, Altaba, LT Caramel in Gracia”.
She appeared on “The Anthology of Turkish Experimental Music” with her piece Nefes which is published by Subrosa.