Yoana Robova aka Halojo

Yoana Robova is an artist with interest and experience in sound art, music and composing. The material, which she uses, is made from personal recordings of instruments (both acoustic and analogue), tape recordings and a lot of field recordings and her main processing technique is based on the use of a lot of equalizers, mainly extracting and pushing up small fragments of the recordings, in order to achieve a more natural character of her sound pieces. Her recent projects are in the field of music and sound design like the short animation named SILENT LONDON—an experimental piece created in the beginning of 2017 under the influence of the city of London and its daily and nightly culture by Ivelina Ivanova. Yoana also did the sound design of GOLEM in 2016 which is a performance based on pure movement, exploring consumerism as a global epidemic, as a crazy centrifuge of resource—product-garbage, as an emotional, sexual, resource, market and information constitution of life. The project ascetically chooses the simple routine act of chewing a gum for its only means of theatrical exploration. Before that she took part in the live sound performance S A L T P U Z Z L E—a concept based instant composition piece by Denitsa Dikova and Glòria Ros, portraying a fragment of the female protagonist's life. Sound, movement and light give shape to scenes and pictures that suggest the human capacity for determination and endurance. Other than that Yoana has previous experience with CANTI D’AMOR in 2013, which is a Belgian youth opera project featuring Claudio Monteverdi's compositions.