Stanislav Genadiev

Stanislav Genadiev has graduated the National School of Dance Art in Sofia (BG). He has danced with the Swiss ensembles LINGA — Lausanne, ALIAS — Geneva and has taken part in the STATION ASTAPOVO and STATION ELABUGA shows, directed by Margarita Mladenova and Ivan Dobchev in the SFUMATO Theatre Laboratory in Sofia (BG). As dancer he has worked and collaborated with choreographers from Switzerland and Belgium. In 2007 Stanislav became dancer and choreographer in the KINESTHETIC project. His first big success is the IMAGO show in 2006 (a collaboration with Violeta Vitanova) which was awarded with a IKAR FOR DEBUT performance in the field of dance. In 2013 Stanislav and Violeta were again awarded a IKAR FOR CONTEMPORARY DANCE AND PERFORMANCE for their choreography THE MOUSETRAP which was part of Javor Gurdev's HAMLET show.

The last piece, which was choreographed by him, is part of the EQUUS play that can be seen in the Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre in Sofia (BG). Stanislav can as well be seen in his last solo performance SYNCHRONICITY that is played in the DNK contemporary space in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia (BG).